With capacity to produce 3,000t / y, SGM GROUP stands as
a forward looking company.


Benefits of the Brazilian climate

Only 2.5 percent of the world's water reserves are freshwater. Of these, only 30.8% are accessible for human consumption. Brazil has 12% of the world's total freshwater concentration.

The country has a wide variety of soil types. In the vast majority of them are extensive and extremely fertile areas for agribusiness. It also has a great predominance of hot and humid climate, which favors tropical crops.


Agribusiness in Brazil

- Technical, economic, strategic and marketing planning;
- Genetic improvement, optimization of facilities and production, among others;
- Increased performance with the optimization of forage production and its maintenance;
- Higher performance and production per hectare;
- Higher return on investment.


Farms are more and more like industries. Efficient, productive, rational. In livestock it is no different.

Artificial insemination, genetic improvement, herd health, feeding. Every detail counts in favor of productivity. It is in this scenario that Brazil stands out as the world's largest seed producer and of excellent quality.

- Greater capacity of support by area;
- Higher rate of enjoyment;
- Faster pasture regeneration.


SGM GROUP has technical support from the indication of the seeds to the management of the pasture, offering a standard of superior quality in all species!

- Tropical climate grasses;
- Tropical climate legumes;
- Temperate grasses;
- Legumes of temperate climate.


SGM GROUP is headquartered in São Paulo and a subsidiary in Joinville.

With privileged logistics, it is also close to one of the main ports of export, facilitating the export to several countries.


SGM Group

São Paulo:
Av. Sagitário, 138 - Ed. Alpha Square - Torre London, sala 317
Alphaville - Barueri - CEP 06.473.073 - São Paulo / Brasil
+ 55 11 2885 1020 / + 55 11 98483 2095

Rua Pres. Prudente de Morais, 673 - Ed. Center Office, sala 11
Santo Antônio - Joinville - CEP 89.218.001 - Santa Catarina - Brasil
+ 55 47 3029 1050