The SGM Insurance Broker offers a true consultancy in insurance, using practices and solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.



The SGM Group as well as work with the best insurance companies have the expertise of a group specializing in foreign trade and offers the best rates and coverage solutions for carriers, shippers, freight forwarders, importers and exporters.

  The insurance consists of two categories: the transport aimed at the safety of goods transported in Brazil or abroad in order to avoid financial surprises in the event of loss or damage to goods carried during the journey and liability insurance, which guarantees the carrier reimbursement of damages to repair damage to cargo carrying.



The SGM Group works with the best plans and carries out health management, Life and Dental of your business, from hiring to the daily operation, providing support for the human resources department with the operation, handling, requests for refunds, side dishes and recommendations on the claims.


Financial Lines

Known as D & O (Directors & Officers), the Liability Management insurance protects the personal assets of the Officers, Directors and Officers against financial loss due to a lawsuit based on an act or management decision practiced by the manager in the practice of their activities related to the function of the office.

  The E & O insurance (Errors & Omissions) guarantees compensation to clients for damages that may occur due to error or omission and professional guarantees the cost of defending the insured in any lawsuit.


Several risks and Property

Insurance in order to cover losses and damage caused by external cause accidents and sudden and unexpected rise in this secure fit equipment used on construction sites, such as Shields, Tractors, Excavators, among others.

The Property Insurance avoids that in case of unforeseen events such as fires, floods, windstorms, theft, among others the company has committed his future to temporary or permanent paralysis of your business.


Guarantee Insurance

With the great advantage of replacing guarantees or collateral in various forms, this insurance offers more competitive costs without jeopardizing credit lines, improving the current liquidity, optimizing cash flow and raising the quality of the balance sheet.


Engineering Insurance

This insurance protects the builder or the owner of the development of losses and material damage to the work or to the third party for sudden and unexpected rise of accidents, damage due to foundation, extraordinary expenses, riots, debris removal, the manufacturer risks by mistake damage of design, general liability and cross among other toppings.

  The SGM Group conducts lectures and training for engineers on contracted roofs and procedures in case of accidents providing greater security companies and a greater guarantee of compensation.

SGM Group

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