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Innovative solutions in foreign trade
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The services provided by our team of professionals covering the whole chain of foreign trade.

Ongoing management of the information and the customer's competitiveness increase are some of the advantages of outsourcing your Foreign Trade Department with the SGM Group.

We offer customized solutions for companies wishing to optimize the transport of its assets, reducing final costs, providing greater freedom to focus on their own area of expertise.

Through a strategic review, we identified needs in order to find the best solution for your business.


New and Used Equipment

Imports of machinery and equipment, new or used, has increased on a large scale in Brazilian companies.

We assist your company in the import of machinery and equipment, new or used, making the process much simpler, fast and reliable, more cost effective, industrial expansion, new business participation and modernization of manufacturing facilities.

- Deferral of used machinery import licenses;
- Complete project to obtain the import authorization for industrial units;
- Complete management of the customs process (door-to-door);
- Prospecting machines opportunities in the international market;
- No certificates obtained for granting benefits;
- Review of description and tax classification;
- Assistance for international financing;


Enabling the Radar

Import and export operations are done through the Integrated Foreign Trade System - SISCOMEX, and it is necessary to enable the Radar (Registration System and Performance Tracking Stakeholder Customs).

Our team has extensive knowledge in the provision of various services encompassed by Radar.

- Enabling Application to Radar by the RFB of individuals and companies;
- Application for Inclusion / Legal Representative Change in RADAR;
- Estimate Revision Request aiming to change the Limited submodality to Unlimited;
- Process Monitoring and preparing responses to possible subpoenas and administrative resources; and
- Accounting Advisory in attendance Estimate Revision request.



It is a tariff system that temporarily reduces the rate of import duty for capital goods (BK) and computer goods (BIT) with no domestic production, is an excellent incentive because it reduces the whole tax burden of the operation due to the reduction of the base calculation of other taxes.

However, this is not an automatic benefit, is usually required a petition so that it fits into the benefit of the tax reduction.

We offer all the advice to your organization obtain, renew, amend or extend the benefit.

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